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general faq

What's a Sammi?

Sammi is a leading wholesale provider of simply delicious, chef inspired, grab & go wedge sandwiches. We’re the first in the U.S. to offer our products in 100% recyclable, sustainable packaging with extended shelf-life.

What about quality & freshness?

We source the best ingredients from ethical suppliers and prepare our sandwiches daily. Each Sammi is made fresh and packaged in our unique sustainable packaging, ensuring an extended shelf life. 

do you sell wholesale or retail?

Both actually! You can grab a Sammi near you at one of our retail locations or contact us to buy Sammi in any quantity and configuration. Wholesaler inquiries are addressed below.  

Where is Sammi located?

Our main headquarters is outside Nashville, Tennessee, but you can easily grab a Sammi near you at a retailer. Our mailing address is in the footer on every page. 

Is something not right?

We make sure that every Sammi leaves our facility fresh, properly packaged healthy and happy. However, we understand stuff can happen once they leave home. If you are unhappy with your Sammi for any reason, we want to know about it. We’re huge on quality control and we expect the same high standards from our distributors and retailers. 

Exchange & Returns?

Each of our retailers have return policies. For most, if something’s up with your Sammi, just  return it to the store where you purchased it for an exchange. Show your receipt for a sales associate to help you with the return process. But please, let us know too. We run a tight ship, and want to know if something’s not Sammi perfect. . 

Product Related

What ingredients do you use?

We pride ourselves on using fresh, high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Each product description lists its specific ingredients in detail. 

What about Vegan or vegetarian?

Of course. The Vegan Chick Sammi is 100% plant-based and offers vegans and vegetarians a delicious and always-fresh option. 

How long do Sammis stay fresh?

Each Sammi is packed fresh, sealed in a zero oxygen environment and will keep fresh longer in the fridge. Our unique sustainable packaging is not only 100% recyclable, but ensures your Sammies are as fresh and the day they were made.

Where's the Lettuce?

Glad you asked! Simply putting lettuce on a sandwich for retail decreases its shelf life up to 80 percent. Instead, we select equally tasty and nutritious options providing a fresh, great tasting sandwich that doesn’t have to be tossed just because of wilted lettuce. Less waste, more taste! Learn more…

Wholesale Inquiries

How can I become a wholesale partner?

If you’re interested in wholesale opportunities, please contact our sales team and we’ll be in touch. 

Do you offer sample packs?

Yes, we do offer sample packs for potential wholesale customers. Please reach out to our sales team for details. 

What's the minimum Wholesale order?

Sammi sandwiches are sold wholesale by the case. For inquiries on minimum orders please contact our sales team for more information.

Can I get promotional materials & displays for my store?

Of course! We provide promotional materials, including banners, standees, and posters, to our wholesale partners. Simply let our team know your requirements, and we’ll assist you.