Announcing a Sustainable Partnership

ProAmpac and Sammi are shaking things up in the grab-and-go food scene. 

Sammi’s all about sustainability, so we knew the old plastic clamshell packaging wasn’t an option. Instead, Sammi comes in natural, fiber-based packaging sourced from responsibly managed forests. This move not only cuts down on food and packaging waste but also keeps your sandwiches fresher for longer.

Thanks to the innovators at ProAmpac, Sammi’s bringing their patented fiber-based modified atmosphere sandwich pack (MAP) to North America, giving a fresh spin to grab-and-go eats. And customers are loving it! We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and we love hearing how much it matters to you too. It’s because of this partnership that Sammi’s got a bunch of delicious sandwich options, all sustainably packed, fresh and ready to enjoy.

So, if you’re all about sustainable eats and keeping things fresh, Sammi sandwiches in our eco-friendly packaging are the way to go!

Read all about it:  Open ProAmpac’s Press Release in a new window.




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