What’s with the funky box?

Image of Sammi sandwiches preproduction sustainable packaging design with recycle logo superimposed
Sammi's sustainable packaging offers recyclability and shelf-life, significantly reducing environmental impact and food waste.

We’re Proud of our Packaging. 

Sammi is sustainably packaged, avoiding single use plastics and food waste. 

Nobody likes litter. Especially from single use plastics that lasts a gazillion years. To ensure our packaging doesn’t become a burden on Mother Earth, we use 100% sustainable-sourced, recyclable paper from FSC certified forests for our sandwiches, making Sammi the first sustainable packaged, nationally distributed grab-and-go sandwich brand to reject single-use plastics.  Our packaging reduces our environmental footprint while keeping your Sammi as fresh as the day it was made. It’s a win-win. We’re serving fresh sandwiches, not extra landfill.

To  maximize our recyclability & sustainable packaging commitment, the patented EasyPeel™ film is simple to remove, allowing the carton to be recycled in paper streams. It also offers Sammi an extended shelf-life up to 28 days which tremendously reduces food and packaging waste.

Our award winning packaging has received industry accolades such as the Innovator Award for Innovation in Food Waste Prevention from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition as well as the Hot New Product Award for Foodservice Safety & Sustainability from CStore Decisions.

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